High Quality Cooked Ham
Prosciutto Cotto Alta Qualità Bongustaio
Martelli Naturalmente - 4S - DOC&G

The "leaner" Suino Pesante Padano legs of pork are rigorously selected at the Martelli abattoir (EEC & USA 643) to become a "light" alternative to Selezione Verde high quality cooked ham. Each individual ham comes with a certificate of origin showing its farm of origin. The ham, which is well defatted and denervated, is cooked naturally with the addition only of the ingredients essential to enhancing the classic smooth taste characteristic of only mature meat. The exclusive use of Italian legs

of pork, a gentle massage and a long cooking time make this cooked ham the finest delicatessen product. Bongustaio cooked ham is suitable for people with specific dietary needs and is included in the Handbook of the Italian Celiac Association of gluten-free products. In addition, it does not contain: added polyphosphates milk products starch soya protein