Cotto Cotto Cotto Cotto Cotto Cotto

Prosciutto Cotto Cotto: a unique cooked ham

Our pigs are fed with natural ingredients such as corn, barley and whey derived from the production of traditional cheeses. They are slaughtered at a heavy weight (160-170 kg) when they are at least ten months old and after being selected at our pig farms. Only in this way can we obtain fine, firm and mature meat. After a resting period followed by an initial drying session, the legs of pork are then prepared by our expert salters, who patiently assess the correct amount of salting and measure the natural

absorption of flavourings. When it is ready, the CottoCotto ham stands out for its excellent taste, pink colour when cut, strong fragrance and the immaculate white fat that softens the slice. Natural treatments, which include out-of-the-mould cooking, make this product low in moisture and guarantee high digestibility. Therefore, the result is a product that is both sweet and tasty, with excellent nutritional values.

The flavour of high quality

Il sapore dell'alta qualità

Suino Pesante Padano legs of pork are rigorously selected at the Martelli abattoir (EEC & USA 643) to become CottoCotto high quality ham, a masterpiece of cuisine. Each individual ham comes with a certificate of origin showing its farm of origin. The exclusive use of out-of-the-mould cooking gives this cooked ham a unique and natural shape but at the same time guarantees little waste when slicing.

The absence of stress during processing, thanks to the use of delicate massage, keeps the meat firmer and more compact, revealing the true flavour of this ham, the finest cooked ham in the Martelli delicatessen product range.