A new way to enjoy cooked ham: the Bisteccotto, the first real cooked ham steak. It is made from carefully selected legs of pork and is prepared with specific flavourings that are skilfully blended. When cooked in a pan or grilled, it maintains all its characteristic softness and flavour that make this product the only one of its kind.

The Bisteccotto is suitable for low-calorie diets, since this product has a low fat content (less than 2%). It is in line with a modern and healthy diet that is suitable for everyone and is free from gluten and milk products. The practical 150gr portion offers a quick and modern main course that is always available in the fridge.

Valori Nutrizionali Bisteccotto
Valori medi per 100 g

READY IN 10 MINUTES IN A NON-STICK PAN, ON THE GRILL OR IN THE OVEN Place Bisteccotto on the hot grill or in a pan; add very little oil if you wish. Wait 2 minutes before turning and complete cooking in 8 minutes on a medium heat, turning from time to time.